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Doheny Village Hand Car Wash 34241 Doheny Park Road, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624







Interior CLEANING and DISINFECTION Services Available

Doheny Village Hand Car Wash opened in 1996 and we have earned a reputation of providing quality service in South Orange County. We take pride in our professional staff and our ability to maintain your vehicle’s appearance.


We are a Full Service HAND Car Wash.

We don’t have spinning brushes, mindless machines or heavy equipment to damage the finish of your car. In fact, the only moving equipment in our wash tunnel is

the roller under your tire to carefully move your car along its way.


What we do have, is actual people, using soft, synthetic lambs wool mitts to gently clean the dirt and grime from your vehicle. We use only the finest products to clean,

polish and wax your vehicle and continually seek products with the least environmental impact.


Here in Southern California we all

do our part to conserve water and help our beaches stay clean and healthy.


At Doheny Village Hand Car Wash, we use proven technology to capture and recycle our wash water - using the

minimum of fresh water to wash your car.


When we’re all done, our waste water

goes into the sanitary sewer. Just think,

no dirty, soapy water in your plants or running down the driveway to pollute the beach.